Knight Williams Inc.

Knight Williams Inc., dba Knight Williams Research Communications ("Knight Williams"), specializes in the development and evaluation of educational media and outreach projects targeting diverse audiences. Knight Williams is based in Sacramento with associates located in San Francisco, Washington DC., Miami, Portland, Chicago, and Seattle. The projects we collaborate on are frequently national or regional in scope, target public and/or professional audiences, are implemented in a wide range of settings, and typically incorporate one or more of the following communications’ media: television programs, giant screen films, radio programs, museum exhibits, websites, interactive multimedia, and curricula or other print materials. We work with a wide range of clients, including production companies, museums, government agencies, school districts, institutions of higher education, community agencies, and other educational organizations.

Some recent projects we’ve collaborated on include: Pulse of the Planet radio series and website project; Evidence website and professional development project; Monster of the Milky Way NOVA program and website; SciGirls television outreach program; Strange Days on Planet Earth television documentary series and educational outreach program; Exploring Time television documentary and traveling science center exhibition; Crittercam documentary television series and educational outreach program; Scientific American Frontiers documentary television series; Forces of Nature large format film and educational outreach program; Jane Goodall’s Wild Chimpanzees large format film and educational outreach program; Volcanoes of the Deep Sea large format film and educational outreach program; Girls as Designers CD-ROM gender preferences research study; and Freedom Machines television documentary special and educational outreach program.

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Dr. Valerie Knight-Williams, Co-Director
Divan Williams Jr., J.D., Co-Director
Knight Williams Inc.